Tuesday, January 6, 2015

My Career...or lack there of.

Today has me thinking quite a bit about my career and what I'm going to do since leaving it behind in Wisconsin last June. I've always worked in sales, I'm ridiculously competitive and love a good challenge (and I really did enjoy it!) I mean, as far as I can see right now, I will not be able to go back to holding a legit career spot until Dick retires or leaves the military. I don't want him to leave what he loves to do! I made the choice to join him and help support him along his military career-100% all in! But, that leaves me with figuring out what to do....

I have taken on a temporary position on post helping out someone that left for maternity leave. It should be ending here shortly (by beginning of February 2015.) I'm glad to help out however, it's not something I think I'd like to continue with full time. There have been other suggestions regarding other position after this contract is up but with the pay (that is NOT good) and the time it sucks up with no flexibility, it leaves me feeling super unfulfilled and wanting to do a lot for myself.

After viewing this photo....maybe opening a Botox office might be an idea, eeeeesh!

So I've started thinking about and looking into ideas for self employment while here. I need something that I can do that allows me the flexibility to travel when my husband is off (and without him too when the occasion arises!) I want it to be WORTH my time. I want to make some money and enjoy what I'm doing to, but also something that isn't saturated in the marketplace here. So I'm open to ideas! I actually just got one thrown my way today (thank you Melissa!) and it's a great one to consider! Any ideas out there guys? Ones with a business plan already put together are a plus! (LOL) But I need to do some market research for the area and the companies. Stay tuned my friends....this is about to get interesting! Ciao!

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