Monday, January 11, 2016

Playing a bit of catch up with a big addition!

Ahhhhh! It’s been way too long!! I have too many trips that I haven’t even written about and a lot has happened since the last blog! I apologize for not posting sooner, guess life’s kind of gotten in the way. Which tends to happen, I suppose.

Let’s see… since I last wrote, we’ve traveled to a bunch of places, had both sets of parents visit (and we’re both still alive!) and the New Year has come and gone! Oh, and we’re having a baby!! Wait, whaaaaaaat?! Yeah, THAT’S, actually, happening. So let’s Tarantino this blog and hit the highlights from the past 5-6 months, shall we?
Biggest news of it all, we’re having a baby! Which is absolutely and completely ridiculous. I mean I spent all of my adult life PREVENTING this from happening! But here it is, in about 156 days from now, I will have pushed a human out of my body and into the world. God bless all of you for having to put up with me during this pregnancy and then dealing with another part of me coming into the world soon enough. Shit’s gonna get crazy! (Oh and it’s a BOY, so at least we all have that going for us! The world can only probably handle one twin, we don’t need an additional mini me running around out there!) 

I could go on and on about how crazy it is that we’ve procreated but I’m sure I’m not the only one who has felt this way, and I don’t want to bore you. But learning about how this works and how EXPENSIVE kiddos are is a trip! Also, don’t worry I won’t 100% turn this into a pregnancy blog but you bet I’m going to talk about it from time to time. J

Ok, back to the travels from long ago! Let’s list it out, shall we?

New Year’s Eve trip-Switzerland (skiing and hiking in Interlaken area)

-AWESOME skiing and snowboarding and more than likely my LAST run at skiing before this baby comes. Too dangerous from here on out. But! I’m able to hit up some great hiking/snowshoeing, etc. So, I’m not totally out of the active fun! We had a fantastic dinner in Interlaken on NYE and a fantastic time with Jeanne and Jon! Interlaken is a b-e-a-u-tiful area with a ton to offer! I really look forward to coming back during the spring or summer though! (We found the largest rope swing over a ravine here, that’s gotta happen!)

Lofthouse Parental visit-Prague and Christmas markets around us

-Dick’s parents also made their first trip over to visit us for Christmas! We did a trip to Prague which was fun, especially since we kind of had a clue as to where we were going this time around! They got to visit their first Christmas markets and see area around Ansbach! Dick’s dad was stationed over here back in 1996 so it was great for them to see old places once again.

Regensburg for a Christmas Market!

Kerner Parental visit-Garmisch, Innsbruck, Austria and Christmas Markets around us

-Well we had our first parental visit by my parents for Thanksgiving! It was fun to surprise them with the news of the baby too! We were able to make a fun trip down to Garmisch and Innsbruck, Austria (beautiful snow and train trip!) We were also able to show Mom & Dad their first Christmas markets! All in all, a really great trip and time spent with my parents!

Gina’s visit-Prague (first time there)


-Prague was spectacular! Very cool city to visit and check out. Beware….of the Irish Pub’s! (LOL-make sure to stop by JJ Murphy’s, it’s by the American Embassy, awesome Irish Bar!) We had a great time checking everything from the Astrological Clock to the Old Town Square and The Charles Bridge. We also took advantage of doing a Segway tour-had to do it! And so should you! This (as we found out later) was my last hurrah! We found out I was pregnant about a week or so after we got back! So Prague will always be one of my favorite spots.

Liz’s visit-Sankt Goar trip to the Rhine River w/ Camping and Oktoberfest!

-Ah, this trip was so much fun! The wine, the friends the Rhine! Such a cool way to see the Rhine River Valley with all its castles and delish wines! Plus our first Oktoberfest!! Oktoberfest is definitely a must see-I actually went twice (on a Monday and Thursday) and both were awesome. We went during the day and had zero problems either time. Totally recommend getting on board with a group that reserves a table so you can experience that! But not that you cannot just grab a beer from one of the dirndl-clad servers, you MUST be seated at a table! So make some friends at a table (if you don’t have one) grab part of the bench and order a fest bier! All tents are able to be walked into, but not all tables are up for grabs! Also, book your hotel and try to reserve a table WELL in advance, like 1 year in advance!

Ugh, all of these trips were amazing! I really feel like a shit for not keeping up with this blog so that I could note al the great things we saw and cool tips I could throw your way, but I honestly feel like it may take me a decade to catch up. So on that note, if there are any questions, shoot me a message and I’d be happy to help or share whatever kind of knowledge your way!
So on that note, the least I can do is share a few pics of where we went and what we saw from the last 4 months of visit and travel! We’re SO lucky to have been able to host so many great friends and family over here for our first year! Lesson’s learned and travel tips noted for future adventures for sure.
As far as any upcoming trips, we have a 4 day weekend coming up this weekend which I think we’re going to finally hit up Berlin and Dresden! After that is our Valentine’s Day trip to Sweden to get our new car we ordered awhile back-and thank God we did! LOL! We’ve got a Volvo XC 60 about to be born and almost ready to drive home. So we get to fly up to Sweden be picked up by Volvo and carted around until we drive her fresh off the manufacturer’s lot back to Germany. We’ll definitely be stopping in Copenhagen, Denmark and then who knows! We’re still in the planning process.
So there we have it! My way of catching up in a nutshell. I’m hoping to keep this up! Lots going on and more adventures headed our way. PS-Murphy is kicking ass and doing great!

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Realistic expectations of life overseas

So this blog goes out to the military spouses all over the world. Whether you're stationed across the pond or back in the states. I swear I'm not crazy, but there really are moments when you feel like you're kinda insane. You're so excited to travel and see EVERYTHING and you're in this weird state of awesome shock taking everything in. At some point or another, you totally hit this weird wall from a mix of unemployment depression and exhaustion from traveling.

This is how my dog looks at me when I hit said "wall".

I mean, don't misunderstand when I vent on this issue. I'm beyond grateful for this unbelievable opportunity to live over here with my husband. And to have the access to travel (the cost alone is so cheap and awesome) but a person who had a professional career and was fully loaded with a social life, takes a hit at some point. And you wonder, what in the HELL am I going to do with myself. The reason I bring this up due to the fact that this wall and I have met again.

The Piccadilly Train Station in Manchester, England 

So realistically it leaves this wife to try and figure out what I'm supposed to do with my work life as we go forward and live within this military world. I mean my sales world is dunzo. Applying for jobs on post are....well, limited and not even worth it most times. (Severely under paid, and most usually require a 4 year degree. For what reason, I couldn't tell you.) So I've reached my edge of sanity with not working here.

However, let's look at the flip side. It's AWESOME not working! I mean who really ever complained of that!? You're in a great country, freedom to kind of do whatever you'd like and why wouldn't you love that opportunity. You can grab a coffee, wander around whatever city you'd like and check out all these different markets and shops all day! It's really great!'re spouse is working while you get to see all this great stuff. I actually enjoy spending time with my husband, so that's a small back fire to that. But we make up for it on the 4 day weekends and the occasional night out during the week.

We get to walk some amazing trails on the daily over here!
I guess I should really shut my pie hole, man up and take up some new hobbies?! I've absolutely taken up cooking a whole lot more, and I'm kinda bad ass! It's pretty fun, all fresh food and from the area! I'm a Pinterest'ing fiend as well. Which is an amazing outlet for creativity!

I'm also looking into starting a new career...finishing up the research as we speak and going to finalize my decision very soon. It's just a bit intimidating to start over...but it shouldn't be, right?! I can start from scratch! Whatever I'd want to do. So just take the leap right?! If you fail, at least you tried (although I don't fail, dumbest statement ever.)

So I guess what I'm saying is, I'm just as guilty for hitting low self esteem and will absolutely over think EVERYTHING from time to time. I miss having my girlfriends and family close by to smack me upside the head to tell me I'm totally normal and not crazy. You learn to be a bit more self sufficient, which I'm also grateful for! I'm not alone on this right?!

Well, I'll keep my head up and attitude positive. I'm all about appreciating what's in front of me and staying in the moment! Speaking of what's in front of me...we're off to Croatia this weekend!! Cannot wait! #staytuned #notfromaroundhere #tchuss

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

La vita, l'amore, e grandi amici a Roma! #Rome2015

Ciao! Ciao! Ciao! Bel Giorno!

We made it to Rome! Hands down, probably one of the craziest trips we've had yet but it was a total blast! And it was the hottest weekend in 40 years! This trip was completely ridiculous and loaded with crazy stories...I SWEAR I don't make this stuff up!

We had one of our favorite friends, Cathy, come visit us in Germany and then we all traveled to Rome for a 4 day weekend. It was Cathy's first trip to Germany, and Rome was on her bucket list (as well as ours) to check off. So we used Airbnb (per the usge!) to book our stay in Rome. We then did our research on Trip Advisor to see what we could do and see while there. I mean, there is so much to do in Rome it's almost mind blowing and doing it on a 4 day doesn't really do it any justice. But I think we did a pretty good job!

So looking for our place to stay, Airbnb turned up the best options for us, and I knew walking into this weekend, it was gonna be a hot one. No joke, hottest weekend in 40 years in this part of Europe. So AC was a must! We got that with our own rooms and a great balcony! SOLD! We booked our flights through Easy Jet, with the extra leg room for Dick and I, so needed! One of the best moves we've made in awhile! The other impressive move, we all only brought carry-ons! High five! So we trained it down to Munich (we flew out of there to Rome) which was fun because it was another place Cathy could check off her list and her first train ride!

Ok, let's get to the hilarious stuff. Murphy's law was in full effect. We got to the airport in Rome (flew into FCO) and had already arranged a driver to pick us up via our Airbnb host. Our plane was delayed (which appears to be a regular thing with Easy Jet-heads up!) so our driver was not there right away. We found him and hopped in the van to get to our Airbnb location! The drive is about 30-40 min from the airport and we're staying in a neighborhood close to the colisseum, and I "assumed" this driver was good to go. I mean, the Airbnb host set it up, it's his location, why would we have to worry about being dropped off in the wrong location in Rome?? Weeeeelllll....that's exactly what happened! We got dropped off by a driver who spoke nothing BUT Italian and literally left us in some neighborhood 20 minutes from where we should have been! HA! I reached out to our host to let him know what was going on, found out the driver was new and was NOT coming back to get us! What least it wasn't raining...and then it started to rain! I'm not kidding.

Our host ended up coming to get us in his itty bitty little car. We finally made it to our place and got to relax. We had an early morning due to the day trip to Capri we had booked! So as the three of us get up and are getting ready to get to our day trip bus by 7:30a, we find out that the water heater isn't working for the shower. Yup. That's right....hottest weekend in 40 years, we were stranded the night before and now all three of us want to shower and be ready for the hot water. I mean, I'm not joking when I say, the water was frigid. You couldn't stand in it to shower at all. So we did the wash cloth bath and I tried my best with the new short hair. Made me miss my long hair to just throw it up in a bun, but oh well. Loving the Hippie Bands head bands I brought with me, saved my life! So we hustled down to the metro, which was right outside our door, and eventually got to the bus, just in time.

Getting to Capri was a 13 hour day trip! A 2 1/2-3 hour coach bus ride and then a huge water bus to taxi us over to the gorgeous island of Capri!! Seriously, if you get the chance to go to Capri, GO! We were told it costs upwards of 25k-35k per SQUARE METER for real estate there! Who has that kind of money!! Also, it's known for their lemons, lemonade, lemon soap and limoncello! Get it all! Great little shops and amazing views. Make sure to take the individual chair lifts up to Anacapri. It's 10 Euro per person and it takes 15 min each way to get you up to the best views of the island. Make sure to save enough time to come back down to shop too! One of the best things we did (because again, we were sweating our a$$es off) was to take a 18 Euro boat tour around the island. It was ah-mazing. The breeze, the sites, and we could sit and chill (literally.) Omg, the grotto's and the boats that are surrounding this island are too beautiful for words. Such a cool experience! We didn't do the Blue Grotto tour, mostly because it was a possibility of waiting 1/2 hour to 2 hours and we also didn't want to ride back on the bus, soaking wet. But I'd recommend doing it if you have the time, looks absolutely beautiful!

We bused it back to Rome and walked to a place that was recommended to us, we were exhausted but so stoked for legit pizza. was closed. AHHHHH! So what did we do, found an Irish Pub and had pizza there! Lol! We finally got to relax, have a beer (maybe a shot or two) and eat some Italian 'za. Eventually we cabbed back to our Airbnb place to clean up and go out for a bit. We grabbed a beer at the little convenience store around the corner and walked toward this great street we saw earlier-totally looked like a blast and we were looking for a bit of fun after a long day! We actually got to the street we saw and didn't get lost (yay!) and as we kept walking the street, we come to find out we landed ourselves smack in the middle of the gay district in Rome, and blocks from the Colosseum! We had a blast, everyone was super cool and we all took over the street with drinks and good music!

The next day was Sunday, and we knew the Pope was giving a blessing at the Vatican, right out of one of the windows over looking the square. We definitely had plans to get to that blessing and of course get some souvenirs. Note to self....if you're looking to buy a rosary, you're too late. Cathy bought them all I'm pretty sure! (So much so she was given a gift from the lady at the store for how much she purchased!! Haha!!) So we got to watch the blessing (in scorching heat) and then came up with our plan for the day until we had our tour later that day. So we cabbed it to Campo di Fiori neighborhood to shop around, grab a drink and find our next adventure location--SEGWAY's!! We absolutely signed up for a Segway tour of Rome and it was hands down the best thing we decided to on our trip! It gave us a well needed breeze, our feet a rest and it's a phenomenal way to see the city! It's a little rocky at first, when you're getting your bearings on how to maneuver but once you get it, game on!! It was a total blast, and my feet needed the rest! We literally got to see all the major historic points in Rome that one should see and laughed our asses off the entire time! Another plus that I forgot to mention, the fountains in Rome are ICE cold and thank God for that! We were able dunk our hands/arms and bandanas in to cool off and even refill our water bottles. Huge help that day! #whew

So the Segway's were a blast and on our way back to the dropping them off we passed an awesome little bar called La Botticella in the Camp di Fiori neighborhood, owned by a guy named Giovanni! Awesome dude and he took great care of us, even sent us to a cute little place for dinner! Highly recommend stopping there if you're in that neighborhood, he even offers free phone charging for iPhone and Android! #solid

Door sign says "Club Montevecchio"--I like to party!

Spanish Steps

Vittorio Emmanuel Monument-The wedding cake building!

Weeeeee! #hekillsme

That concluded on Sunday night in Rome! We were set to leave Monday, in the afternoon so it was awesome to not have to rush home. Oh! I forgot to mention, so our host was so apologetic about our initial ride/drop off mishap that he said he'd get us a free ride back to the airport on our way home. Unfortunately for us, all the drivers were booked up. So he left us 50 Euro to grab a cab or take the train. I mean, that was really nice of him especially with the earlier situation. So we trained it in to FCO (which was really easy!) Honestly, train travel over here is so simple, it's really easy to use. Just make sure factor in enough time and you should be fine! Got to the airport in plenty of time, go through security, no prob! And then, we're delayed again, 2 hours. Eating, shopping and hanging out in the Rome airport wasn't terrible though. Once back to Munich, we were looking at a 4 hour train ride home due to the fact that there was something going on with the rail, and there wasn't an ICE train available. So we opted to rent a car once we got to the Munich Hauptbahnhof. It really only ended up saving us a half hour or so but the time in the car was so worth it!! HA! Consider us the Von Trapp's from now on and I think Dick and I found our next duet for our karaoke nights!

View from our balcony in Rome-a welcomed rain with that hot weather!

Let's not forget the random dude that harassed Cathy and I as we were waiting for Dick to pull up with the rental car outside the train station. What a creeper. He essentially wanted to get my number so he could "get to know me" and was looking to get married. We even tried pawning him off on some random, nice looking girl (sorry chica, was looking for an exit strategy!) He eventually took off, but we were total sitting ducks, 2 American girls with food and backpacks. Just be careful ladies, these guys are total weirdos. Cath and I were both ready to take him. LOL! And the personal space issue is still so there!! Why do Europeans not sense the personal space bubble, it's SO uncomfortable! Watching Cathy be tortured by this was thoroughly entertaining! But we made it home, safe and sound and totally exhausted! We even got Murph back from our friends that took him for us for the weekend! (Thank you Lorie and Adam!)

The last item on the agenda for Cathy's visit was a train trip up to Bamberg! Home of the smoked beer! I had to Wikipedia the info, because I wasn't 100% sure on how they brewed this type of beer so here ya go...
--Smoked beer (German: Rauchbier) is a type of beer with a distinctive smoke flavour imparted by using malted barley dried over an open flame.[1] The Rauchbiers of Bamberg in Germany, Schlenkerla in particular,[2][3] are the best-known of the smoked beers.--

We actually made our way up to Schlenkerla Brewery! It was such a cool beer to try! Smells like campfire and tastes like bacon! How can you be mad at that?! You can probably only need 1 beer and you're good but it's such a cool beer to try. We ended buying a large 6 pack to go and booked it back to the train after a few hours there. It was a quick visit but totally worth it! Mind you, Bamberg is adorable! Such a stereo typical German town that looks like it came right out of a storybook! There even is a kayakers course on the river that runs through the town! I will definitely go back to bring family and friends there. We do have a walking brewery tour through the whole town but like I said, we weren't on any time line or didn't have a care to have to DO anything that day. It was Cathy's last full day in Germany, so we wanted to take our time. Such a great trip and weekend! Couldn't have asked for better people to travel with the last 10 days!

You know when you haven't traveled with people and you wonder how it will go, well, it went amazingly well! Don't get me wrong, we had our moments (Richard....."here we go again!") But in the end, it was awesome!

Kayak course on the river Regnitz


Bacon in a glass anyone?


Whew. What next?! Well, we're in the works of figuring that out. I think we're leaning towards Croatia! But we have a huge list left to work through. PS-I think we're almost clear on what's going to happen with us staying or going. We're about 85% sure of what's going to happen and I think we're staying here for another 1 year to 1 1/2! We're both on board with that for sure!

I'm still working on figuring out what I'm going to do with myself while living over here! You'd think with "all" this time on my hands I'd have that figured out but stay tuned...I'm sure I'll have more info on that! Thanks for checking out the blog guys!! I've got some follow up stuff on some past travels to post yet too! I still have 3 days left to vote on becoming a German Ambassador!!
#notfromaroundhere #ciao #thisgermanlife

**Side note--we did purchase a 2 day metro pass which was fairly cheap! It allowed us to use the bus system as well as the metro train anywhere in the city! Highly recommend getting one! Also, don't forget to remind your fellow travelers that you need to KEEP your card with you as you go through the entrance! *wink, wink Cath*

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Barcelona!! Tapas, sangria and naked beaches... (aka, the 1 year anniversary trip!)

Sorry it's been so long! Been a bit busy but no excuses, I gotta fill you in on a few trips! So the big surprise for our 1 year anniversary trip was to Barcelona! I figured it was either Greece (which not sure if we should have gone to Greece then...or now! They need to get their sh$t together down there!)or Barcelon, and Barcelona is was! And it was amazing! Any time I get to be near water and palm trees, I'm winning! It was my first time to Spain, and Dick's second time. He had been to Spain way back in the day when he was about 15 years old. So this time was a blast for him as we got to check out some places he saw last time he was there.

We Airbnb'd it again (I should seriously look into getting them to sponsor this blog, we use them ALL the time!) It was a great location, in the Gothic district, pretty close to the water, actually it was a three block walk to the water front! Amazing restaurants and activity. We did go out for our anniversary dinner, which was hilarious because we so did NOT understand the waiter or the menu. I'll get into that in a bit!

We flew Ryan Air there and then Vueling on the way back. Both are economy airlines, not a lot of space for long legged peeps. With that said, pay the extra for the "extra leg room" seats. It'll be worth it. At least the flight wasn't too long, we managed :) We did get delayed in Berlin, which made us late for our Tapas tour. We were able to reach out to our contact with the Tapas tour and they were great! We met up with our tour guide and two other guests on the tour once we cleaned up and got out the door once we got to our Airbnb place.
View from our balcony in the Gothic district in Barcelona

We really didn't know what the hell tapas were until we got to Barcelona and took the tour, super glad we did that because it really gave us a chance to see where some things were for the next 3 days all while eating and drinking our way through the main parts of Barcelona! We initially met up with our guide at the La Boqueria Market, and seriously, that has been the coolest market we've been to yet! There are different sections of the market for fish, meat, cheese, veggies and even candy! Shout out to my girl KT-you would have died and gone to candy heaven!! It was awesome though, we eventually went back there the next day for fresh shucked oysters and champagne!  On the tour, we got to try around 8-10 different tapas and learned really that they are small plates to share between friends and they can be served hot or cold. Basically, they're ridiculously delicious! Olives, calamari, meats, name it, it's a type of tapas! We also stopped by a chocolate shop to try different types of nougat and chocolates, ah-mazing!

On our Tapas tour through Barcelona!

La Boqueria Market


Couple of other places we had to stop and see, the beach, La Sagrada Familia and the gorgeous Montserrat Monastery. If you make it to Barcelona, you HAVE to see both La Sagrada Familia and Montserrat. The beach was a trip too. Little did we know, due to not researching but who researches everything, that they have nude beaches in Barcelona. Yea, 100% nude. There are things that can't be unseen. That's all I'm saying. LOL (I swear this move over here has really made me feel like a huge prude! Or at minimum, has made my eyes open up to the idea that nudity in public is so not a big deal, well over here anyways.) So yea, imagine this....walking down the beach walk, looking to your left, you see an old man bent over. Sorry. Yea, that happened. (I'm still giggling!)

So on our travels so far, we've seen a TON of churches, but nothing has compared to La Sagrada Familia. It has got to be one of the most amazing places on the planet. They started building this church (created by Antoni Gaudi) back in 1882! It's STILL being worked on! When Gaudi died, they say that only 25% was completed, I think they said they hope to have it completed around 2025? (I could be wrong but I think it's close!) It's just an amazing building. Do the audio tour on our own, that way you can walk through at your own pace and take your time. We went in the last afternoon and the sun coming through the stained glass windows was breath taking. I probably could have sat there for hours just looking at the architecture and windows. It's a pretty popular place though, too many people milling around to sit quietly. If you look through the plexi-glass to the basement you'll be able to see Gaudi's tomb, as he was buried there on site. That wasn't available to walk down to see but cool to know!

The Montserrat Monastery! We hopped on a 1/2 day tour to this place in Catalonia, Spain. It's a religious retreat about an hour out form Barcelona and it's absolutely gorgeous. Granted, I was a bit crabby when we were headed out there, not enough sleep. (If you know me at all, this is was in full effect that day!) However, it ended up being an awesome experience. We hiked up a trail that was 30 minutes to the furthest point out St. Michael's Cross which had amazing views. Then a 30 minute hike back to the basilica for Sunday 11a mass where they literally have Monks' singing. The church was packed so we didn't stay long but it was pretty cool to see in person. Like I said, churches errrrwhere! What else that was really neat were the small farm stands that were set up on the walk out of the monastery, selling goat and sheep's cheese, home made honey and chocolates. So delicious!

The last part of our trip was our anniversary dinner at this great little seafood restaurant right off the beach. It had a great, fresh fish and seafood in this monster case! Funny thing though, we could NOT understand the server, the table next to us helped us out (yay!) but what we didn't know was that in their seafood restaurants, the food comes cold and no sides what so ever. No drawn butter. Nothing! So we paid a lot of money for cold crab (I mean, it was still good!) but we ended up eating again later that night! All in all, it was a fun experience. One of the best parts was finding a great little bar, right down the alley way from our place. Excellent Sangria and a phenomenal bartender! We would grab our spot outside and just people watch. It's amazing to see kids still up at like 11p at night at the park, while parents just sat at the tables, drinking sangria. Don't those kiddos have bed times??

I can't forget to mention that we found THE best breakfast joint in Barcelona. We usually try to find a little grocery store when we use an Airbnb rental and just make breakfast there and hit the city but we found this awesome place called Milk. Unreal food. If you use the Trip Advisor app (which you should, because it's unbelievably helpful! And I'm sure it would be in the States.) but we found it via that app and it's MONEY. Search it out if you go, it's worth it. And they had Bloody Mary's! As a girl from Wisconsin, I'm always looking for a piece of home so this was definitely interesting. It wasn't to bad actually, a bit heavy on the salty side, but still good! Also give the Eggs Benedict a try. Seriously. :)  (Now I wanna go back!)

Saw this little gem on the way to Milk, cracked us up!

The Bloody!
It was a wonderful trip! I can't wait to go back to Spain to hit up different areas! a 3 1/2 day trip isn't enough time but it fun to see how much you can cram in. Don't forget to walk down La Rambla!! It's the main shopping and touristy street in Barcelona! You can pretty much find anything you're looking for there, plus see street artists and flower stands galore! Plus the bars/restaurants lining the way are all great to stop off at for a quick bite.

Next blog is on our trip to Vienna and Bratislava, Slovakia! And it's full of crazy sh$t! Stay tuned and as always, thanks for reading :) #ciao #notfromaroundhere