Monday, January 11, 2016

Playing a bit of catch up with a big addition!

Ahhhhh! It’s been way too long!! I have too many trips that I haven’t even written about and a lot has happened since the last blog! I apologize for not posting sooner, guess life’s kind of gotten in the way. Which tends to happen, I suppose.

Let’s see… since I last wrote, we’ve traveled to a bunch of places, had both sets of parents visit (and we’re both still alive!) and the New Year has come and gone! Oh, and we’re having a baby!! Wait, whaaaaaaat?! Yeah, THAT’S, actually, happening. So let’s Tarantino this blog and hit the highlights from the past 5-6 months, shall we?
Biggest news of it all, we’re having a baby! Which is absolutely and completely ridiculous. I mean I spent all of my adult life PREVENTING this from happening! But here it is, in about 156 days from now, I will have pushed a human out of my body and into the world. God bless all of you for having to put up with me during this pregnancy and then dealing with another part of me coming into the world soon enough. Shit’s gonna get crazy! (Oh and it’s a BOY, so at least we all have that going for us! The world can only probably handle one twin, we don’t need an additional mini me running around out there!) 

I could go on and on about how crazy it is that we’ve procreated but I’m sure I’m not the only one who has felt this way, and I don’t want to bore you. But learning about how this works and how EXPENSIVE kiddos are is a trip! Also, don’t worry I won’t 100% turn this into a pregnancy blog but you bet I’m going to talk about it from time to time. J

Ok, back to the travels from long ago! Let’s list it out, shall we?

New Year’s Eve trip-Switzerland (skiing and hiking in Interlaken area)

-AWESOME skiing and snowboarding and more than likely my LAST run at skiing before this baby comes. Too dangerous from here on out. But! I’m able to hit up some great hiking/snowshoeing, etc. So, I’m not totally out of the active fun! We had a fantastic dinner in Interlaken on NYE and a fantastic time with Jeanne and Jon! Interlaken is a b-e-a-u-tiful area with a ton to offer! I really look forward to coming back during the spring or summer though! (We found the largest rope swing over a ravine here, that’s gotta happen!)

Lofthouse Parental visit-Prague and Christmas markets around us

-Dick’s parents also made their first trip over to visit us for Christmas! We did a trip to Prague which was fun, especially since we kind of had a clue as to where we were going this time around! They got to visit their first Christmas markets and see area around Ansbach! Dick’s dad was stationed over here back in 1996 so it was great for them to see old places once again.

Regensburg for a Christmas Market!

Kerner Parental visit-Garmisch, Innsbruck, Austria and Christmas Markets around us

-Well we had our first parental visit by my parents for Thanksgiving! It was fun to surprise them with the news of the baby too! We were able to make a fun trip down to Garmisch and Innsbruck, Austria (beautiful snow and train trip!) We were also able to show Mom & Dad their first Christmas markets! All in all, a really great trip and time spent with my parents!

Gina’s visit-Prague (first time there)


-Prague was spectacular! Very cool city to visit and check out. Beware….of the Irish Pub’s! (LOL-make sure to stop by JJ Murphy’s, it’s by the American Embassy, awesome Irish Bar!) We had a great time checking everything from the Astrological Clock to the Old Town Square and The Charles Bridge. We also took advantage of doing a Segway tour-had to do it! And so should you! This (as we found out later) was my last hurrah! We found out I was pregnant about a week or so after we got back! So Prague will always be one of my favorite spots.

Liz’s visit-Sankt Goar trip to the Rhine River w/ Camping and Oktoberfest!

-Ah, this trip was so much fun! The wine, the friends the Rhine! Such a cool way to see the Rhine River Valley with all its castles and delish wines! Plus our first Oktoberfest!! Oktoberfest is definitely a must see-I actually went twice (on a Monday and Thursday) and both were awesome. We went during the day and had zero problems either time. Totally recommend getting on board with a group that reserves a table so you can experience that! But not that you cannot just grab a beer from one of the dirndl-clad servers, you MUST be seated at a table! So make some friends at a table (if you don’t have one) grab part of the bench and order a fest bier! All tents are able to be walked into, but not all tables are up for grabs! Also, book your hotel and try to reserve a table WELL in advance, like 1 year in advance!

Ugh, all of these trips were amazing! I really feel like a shit for not keeping up with this blog so that I could note al the great things we saw and cool tips I could throw your way, but I honestly feel like it may take me a decade to catch up. So on that note, if there are any questions, shoot me a message and I’d be happy to help or share whatever kind of knowledge your way!
So on that note, the least I can do is share a few pics of where we went and what we saw from the last 4 months of visit and travel! We’re SO lucky to have been able to host so many great friends and family over here for our first year! Lesson’s learned and travel tips noted for future adventures for sure.
As far as any upcoming trips, we have a 4 day weekend coming up this weekend which I think we’re going to finally hit up Berlin and Dresden! After that is our Valentine’s Day trip to Sweden to get our new car we ordered awhile back-and thank God we did! LOL! We’ve got a Volvo XC 60 about to be born and almost ready to drive home. So we get to fly up to Sweden be picked up by Volvo and carted around until we drive her fresh off the manufacturer’s lot back to Germany. We’ll definitely be stopping in Copenhagen, Denmark and then who knows! We’re still in the planning process.
So there we have it! My way of catching up in a nutshell. I’m hoping to keep this up! Lots going on and more adventures headed our way. PS-Murphy is kicking ass and doing great!

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