Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Realistic expectations of life overseas

So this blog goes out to the military spouses all over the world. Whether you're stationed across the pond or back in the states. I swear I'm not crazy, but there really are moments when you feel like you're kinda insane. You're so excited to travel and see EVERYTHING and you're in this weird state of awesome shock taking everything in. At some point or another, you totally hit this weird wall from a mix of unemployment depression and exhaustion from traveling.

This is how my dog looks at me when I hit said "wall".

I mean, don't misunderstand when I vent on this issue. I'm beyond grateful for this unbelievable opportunity to live over here with my husband. And to have the access to travel (the cost alone is so cheap and awesome) but a person who had a professional career and was fully loaded with a social life, takes a hit at some point. And you wonder, what in the HELL am I going to do with myself. The reason I bring this up now...is due to the fact that this wall and I have met again.

The Piccadilly Train Station in Manchester, England 

So realistically it leaves this wife to try and figure out what I'm supposed to do with my work life as we go forward and live within this military world. I mean my sales world is dunzo. Applying for jobs on post are....well, limited and not even worth it most times. (Severely under paid, and most usually require a 4 year degree. For what reason, I couldn't tell you.) So I've reached my edge of sanity with not working here.

However, let's look at the flip side. It's AWESOME not working! I mean who really ever complained of that!? You're in a great country, freedom to kind of do whatever you'd like and why wouldn't you love that opportunity. You can grab a coffee, wander around whatever city you'd like and check out all these different markets and shops all day! It's really great! But...you're spouse is working while you get to see all this great stuff. I actually enjoy spending time with my husband, so that's a small back fire to that. But we make up for it on the 4 day weekends and the occasional night out during the week.

We get to walk some amazing trails on the daily over here!
I guess I should really shut my pie hole, man up and take up some new hobbies?! I've absolutely taken up cooking a whole lot more, and I'm kinda bad ass! It's pretty fun, all fresh food and from the area! I'm a Pinterest'ing fiend as well. Which is an amazing outlet for creativity!

I'm also looking into starting a new career...finishing up the research as we speak and going to finalize my decision very soon. It's just a bit intimidating to start over...but it shouldn't be, right?! I can start from scratch! Whatever I'd want to do. So just take the leap right?! If you fail, at least you tried (although I don't fail, dumbest statement ever.)

So I guess what I'm saying is, I'm just as guilty for hitting low self esteem and will absolutely over think EVERYTHING from time to time. I miss having my girlfriends and family close by to smack me upside the head to tell me I'm totally normal and not crazy. You learn to be a bit more self sufficient, which I'm also grateful for! I'm not alone on this right?!

Well, I'll keep my head up and attitude positive. I'm all about appreciating what's in front of me and staying in the moment! Speaking of what's in front of me...we're off to Croatia this weekend!! Cannot wait! #staytuned #notfromaroundhere #tchuss


  1. Tell me your going back to school to be a librarian! ;) Seriously, you can and will do anything you set your mind to do. Although I'm not in touch often, know that I'm thinking of you. I enjoy your travel posts and look forward to hearing about your next adventure.

  2. Ahh Dawn!! I miss you! Thanks for writing on here, I'm sorry it took me so long to write back! I'm picking my pace back up on this blog, I've been terrible lately. Hope the library is keeping you as busy as ever! Say hi to everyone for me! XOXO