Monday, December 29, 2014

Merry Christmas!! Wait, we're going to Frankfurt?!

Howdy peeps! We made it through our first Christmas in Germany--it was honestly really great!! Nothing crazy, loud or chaotic. Nice, quiet and fun to just be with my husband! We did miss our families but again, it was nice just having the two of us this year! There's a bunch of gifts that have yet to make it here, so we'll have Christmas part 2 sometime in the next few weeks here. So we did bounce in between a few fun dinners last week. We have met some pretty cool friends since being here and we're grateful to have been invited over for some awesome meals! Our landlords was the most original or local if you will. Pretty cool to try all the tradition Germany food---now if I was a good blogger, I would have taken a dang picture of it all but you'll just have to take my word on this one. German Landlord Christmas Dinner Menu: Freshly hunted and cooked venison Kartoffel Kloesse-German Potato Dumplings, Red Cabbage Slaw, brussel sprouts (that were amazeballs. I LOVE brussel sprouts and these were well done with some diced up ham!) Crouton stuffing (tasted like your basic Thanksgiving type stuffing.) & Gravy!
The wine was flowin' (both Rot and Weiss) as well as the German beer! So amazing! We also had two additional parties we stopped at over Christmas Eve and Christmas night. Both were phenomenal with great people to hang out with and play Cards against Humanity! (Love that game, and we just got the second edition for Christmas-Thanks Santa!) Since we were in a food coma all day Friday, we layed low but decided to head out to Frankfurt on Saturday AM. It was awesome working the train system and traveling up there! Just bought our tickets right at our local station (Heilsbronn banhof) and off we went! It's about a 3 hour ride with two different train switches. First right away in Ansbach, about 20 min away and then again in Wurzburgwhich was about an hour and 20 min from our original stop. Then it was a good two hours to Frankfurt! Loved getting off the train there-the Hauptbahnhof was huge and pretty cool!
It was snowing pretty hard when we arrived and we were starved, so we quick grabbed a burger at a local place and then decided to hop on a "hop-on-hop-off" city tour bus (total rip off btw, not worth the $$.) It wasn't alot of fun walking around in heavy snow-you couldn't see anything! So we toured around on a bus for an hour or so then, we decided that the best way to figure out where to go next-an Irish Pub. We stopped at O'Reilly's right across from the train station and shot the shit with the female bartender there. I had heard about Sachsenhausen and the Apfelwein (and the super cute cobblestone streets, the story book buildings and legit German beer hall set up is AWESOME!) We ended up meeting a bunch of crazy Germans while bar hopping throughout Sachsenhausen and ended up staying the night at this TINY little hotel. Ritter Hotel--it was interesting. Like my sister said when I showed her the pic of the room, "is Anne Frank hiding in there?!" felt appropriate! LOL We had a total blast Saturday, paid for it a little bit the next day too! #hungover #germanbeer
We woke up in the AM and hopped back on to the train to Heilsbronn. Our ticket we had bought the day before ran out (runs us 44 Euro for both us round trip, which is a good deal!) But we had decided to stay so we had to get new tickets back, again 44 Euro to get home. We got to ride a double decker home, and since we both act the combined age of 16 most days (just kidding babe, love you!) we were stoked to ride up top and check out the view. We had a great ride back and made it home safely. Which reminds me....the German's and their rudeness when getting on/off trains, etc. Holy crap do they NOT care who's in there way. They do not "que" up at all. There's no line that will be formed and that rule of thumb that goes "let the people OFF the train then get ON" does not apply here. Ever. I literally got run over by some dude and then this woman. So I guess it's all fair game over here. Survival of the pushiest!
Ok, so coming up! We are headed to Switzerland for NYE (New Years Eve!) Can't wait to see what I get to see and learn on this trip! We're looking to ski and snowboard possibly hit up a huge toboggan run?! Stechelberg, Switzerland!! Stay tuned....can't wait to report back!

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