Wednesday, January 21, 2015

At least I'm not a Brown's fan...

So I had the awesome opportunity to meet up with one of my buddies (Sean) from Milwaukee over the weekend! Loved that he was able to make it over the pond and meet me for a day of shopping leading into a night of bouncing around and drinking! Even bigger surprise is when he stole my phone and got a hold of my husband for me to get him to come into town the next day!!

We had a flipping blast! And it was SO nice to be in a bigger city--ugh...I miss that. Coffee shops, restaurants, shopping and really cool places to see and walk through. We had to start off with coffee! My first Starbucks since October 2014 and it was delish! But I do think, more importantly and interestingly enough--they knew what a Vodka/Soda was. Mostly because it's a bigger city but man, it was nice to feel a little normal again. And there's nothing better than when the bartender looks at you and says "honey, they're always a double here!" Needless to say, we stayed at that bar (Cafe NIL) for awhile! They were amazing to us! Felt very homey there.

The prices were a bit more expensive in some places but over all, not too bad. (Switzerland was higher!) We walked through the Marienplatz where the City Hall is (aka The Glockenspiel!) We never did see it do it's thing but it is definitely the area to check out. There was a great outdoor seating area to take your coffee/beer break and then hit up Dallmayr (or whatever store you wanted.) If you haven't been to Dallmayr, GO. Now. It IS a religious experience, thank you Sean for taking me. To try to explain Dallmayr is kind of hard. It's a ridiculously quaint market really. It has everything from a cheese and meat counter to wine, spirits, chocolate and most importantly COFFEE!! I think Sean bought them out. All to bring back to good old WI.

Of course we trained it down, and this ride was super doable!! Only a hour and a half to get home and on the ICE train this time! It does cruise pretty well-highly recommend taking it when it's available. Typically has a restaurant car and the bathrooms are much more appealing. LOL and free!!!

It was also pretty great to have this 4 day weekend to spend all day Monday relaxing and getting ready for the week. Or recovering from that Packer game if you're my husband. Holy lord...he was the saddest panda from here to China. Poor guy. He was still hurting on Monday, as was most Packer Nation. It's pretty funny to watch (and yet SO uncomfortable!) my husband go through the ginormous ups and downs of that game. So serious and so heartfelt with his celebrations and so mad and furious with the INT's and dropped balls. I mean, it got kinda sketch there for a hot minute....a girl had to seriously consider leaving him alone for a bit! This stuff bounces off me like teflon. I'm a Bears fan (save the comments peanut gallery...) but we're SO used to losing and rarely making it to the playoffs that now I just shrug it off and go about my day (at least I'm not a Browns fan--that one's for you Maribeth!) I get it though, the Packers rarely lose like that. So it's hard to take. Hang in there....Rodgers is still a beast! Along with Matthews, Jordy and Lacy. You'll always have next year!! (And so do the Bears!!!!!!! Yay for Coach Fox!)

Well, this is a short one this time around. I'll be back soon, don't worry. There's always alot going down around here ;) Ciao!! #got19862steps #oneday #fitbit #beardown2015 #gpg #munich

PS-74 days until Opening day....just sayin'.

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