Monday, February 9, 2015

Truth and the Military some great beer!

I know it's been awhile but I just feel as though nothing REALLY note worthy has happened. Well that's a lie, there's been stuff going on but nothing I can talk about on this blog. For security reasons (how much does that suck!? Yay the life of the Commander's wife.) We had a situation with a few soldiers over the weekend that when it goes wrong, my husband gets the call. So no matter where we are, our weekend stops right then and there. (Yay me! It's adult babysitting at it's best.) All I'm going to say about it is eye's are more open now to how the military system works, but more so to WHO is in the military and it's not everything I had created it to be my in my cute little head. Which is disappointing, but I'm trying not let it ruin the belief I have of the men/women in uniform that are good and great and do honor our country with what they do. Realistically, not everyone is going to be a good guy, or even a smart guy. This happens in the civilian world too, I know. But it's just different when you go into this thinking that all these men and women wearing the uniform are stand up, honest and have legit common sense! They know the difference between right and wrong. Amazingly, alot don't. You wonder if the military is just an escape from their shitty life of where ever it is that they came from or if it's a wagon they just hopped on with full intentions of abusing the system every chance they get?! Either way. I wish I could weed 'em out and send them home, I see them as a waste of space and good people's time. Ya know what I mean?? So I'm going to choose to focus on the good ones, the ones who know the difference between right and f*cking wrong-they know how to handle their shit (right Cath?!) and don't get themselves into situations that they shouldn't. They honor their reputation and what they do (and for the love of GOD--they try not to make their Commander's life harder than it already is!)

(Wow, that's a negative Nelly start. Brutal, I'm gonna change it up...)

We have taken some small trips in the last few weekends, one in particular! We went to Kloster Kreuzberg to the Monastery where they brew amazingly awesome beer! Some of the best in Germany so we've been told and honestly, it is pretty damn good! It was a beautiful drive too. That's half the adventure to when we drive places we haven't been to yet, we get to check out the view! Surprisingly they had a ton of snow up there (it's about 2.5 hours away.) So next time we're loading the ski's and snowboard! Cool place though, and I'm sure we'll go back again, gotta get that refill!

The kids all tucked in. LOL

One thing to love about the military-4 day weekends! Yea buddy, we have one this weekend! Our first legit Valentine's Day we get to spend together IN PERSON! #longdistancerelationshipproblems

Which I know sounds ridic but so true. Not sure what we're doing yet, kinda gotta put some pressure on the man to see how I need to plan for the weekend. Dinner at home or does a girl need to pack a suitcase! We might go skiing in the Garmish area, which would be fun! But more importantly, no work on Friday or Monday for both of us! We'll probably end up hopping in the car and going somewhere! I've never been much a fan of Valentine's Day regardless, but he's turned that around for me. (Sappy but true.) I just want to spend to time together somewhere fun and new, which we have a lot of options to do that here!

Oh!! Two awesome things to report on: my sister is going to be here in 16 days!!! Cannot wait! We've booked our tickets to London and have a hotel to crash at. And it'll be our day of birthday celebration that Sunday we're there, so I'm looking forward to the adventure that will be London 2015! It'll be a quick weekend get away but we're both pumped. First one to say 'elo Govnah wins! #weareridiculous

Second, I'm booking my ticket back to the states this week!! I'll be back in April for the kick ass ceremony of two my dearest friends, Luke & Sadie!! Can't wait to see everyone and get to hang out in good ole 'Merica!! Stay tuned for the next update, should be a fun one!! Ciao!!

Kloster Kreuzberg--amazing beer! Like a fresh loaf of bread....but beer. (Someone once said that, I swear!)

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