Monday, May 4, 2015

A wedding, a ball and lots in between!

So I made it back home a few weeks back-it was great to see my family and friends but MAN was it exhausting!! No one told me about that either when we moved over here. Your brain has all these plans playing out but realistically, it doesn't work the way you want it to (for the most part!) When going home for the first time but no one really warns you about how exhausting it actually IS!

You just can't be everywhere all the time which sucks because you'd like to be but it's physically impossible! When I got back it was "oh yea, you gotta pick one spot, and make everyone come to you!" Well thanks for that little gem AFTER I got back to my German home! LOL

Regardless, I did get to make it back for a great wedding for our amazing friends Sadie & Luke Huffman! Great day, even better party and just a blast to see everyone that weekend! So happy for the both of them and little Lucy of course! It was an honor to stand up in their wedding and be a part of their big day-thanks guys, SO happy for the three of you!

I also had my check list of things that needed to be checked.
1. Ward's House of Prime--personal fave and best filet & prime rib in MKE! #brusselsprouts
2. Einsteins Bagels-cause we do not have bagels in German. They've been swaped for croissants.
3. Bel Air Cantina-best tacos EVER.
4. Oakland Gyros-didn't get to hit this place up, however, I'll get ya next time--you've been warned!
5. The Harp--best patio in MKE! And now has the best bartender (Shanna-you know I'm talking about you!)
6. Screaming Tuna!!!! Ugh, best sushi hands DOWN in MKE. So great to see Christian too!! xoxo
7. Barker's--favorite Hudson restaurant ever!
8. Sub Club-awesome sub joint in Hudson

*This totally leaves out seeing family and friends--this is strictly a food list :)

At the Harp!!

I got everything checked off my list and even got a little shopping in! Can't complain about that! It was awesome to be back. I mean, I was wondering how I'd feel coming home after six months and then heading back to Germany. Would I miss Germany? Would I want to go back? How much did I miss the states and everyone there??

Well it's awesome to say that I LOVED coming back home. (Not because anyone drove me crazy or anything hehe) but I think I was most worried about not wanting to come back to Germany. It helped me totally realize I LOVE living over here. It's awesome to come home but it just reinforced my thoughts on how we're doing with living over here all the adventures we're having.

Drinking the Grog! (The grog is complied of some form (ANY form) of booze or beer that is dumped into this huge tank from each Battalion leader. This grog is being housed in a very large stein and then you basically get a big cup of it with the ladel and off you go! ENJOY! #ew)
12th CAB Ball 2015

Being back in MKE was like jumping right back into the life I had before I left and I miss a huge part of that life. Thank God for iPhones, data plans and great friends/family! But now it's your turn to get over here!! There's so many great things starting to happen, the weather is really getting gorgeous and city festivals are starting. The dirndl and lederhosen have been purchased and we're ready to hit the fests!! I can't wait to see how the German's party!

It's already been interesting to see Nuremberg's Summer in the City party they have set up from 1 May til 26 July! It's one of the coolest set ups I've seen yet. Sandy beaches with board walks set up with sand volleyball, a pool bar and tiki lamps and chairs with tents all over the place! Right in the middle of downtown Nuremberg! Can't be mad at that!

Summer in the City-Nuremberg!

Next up is Oktoberfest 2015. So we know the dates are 19 Sept-4 Oct. We've also learned that if you want to have a chance at getting in a tent, you should reserve your table (which can reach upwards of thousands of $$!) And it should have been reserved back in the fall of 2014 or by March!! SO.....we're trying to come up with plan B. I hear weekdays are our best shot at this point, so that's what we're going to try to do! If any one reading this has additional info-don't hesitate to throw it our way! We're open for suggestions at this point! I have also heard a bunch of times that the train down to Munich is where it's at! Let's be real, the whole experience is gonna be amazeballs! Can't wait to write about that trip-I LOVE finding all the weird and different things that go down in different countries, especially large parties. People watching at it's finest!!

There is a map of all the major tents (this is in Munich btw) and you reserve your spot, preference goes to the festers that have been there the year prior. There are tables outside each of the tents but inside is where it's at. Good luck trying to get in a tent when you don't have a reservation...apparently the security is unreal here. They don't take kindly to people with no reservation and drunken idiots thinking they're stealthy and try to sneak in. You'll get literally thrown out! Should be awesome to just sit and watch all this go down. #notfromaroundhere

Next up! Our 1 year wedding anniversary! Memorial Day will be our 1 year wedding anniversary and apparently my hubs had something in the works! He won't tell me what we're doing just yet, but he's in charge and has been planning for a few months, this should be good! He's not usually known as the best planner on the planet but I have a feeling it's going to be awesome! Can't wait!! So stay tuned, I have no idea where we'll end up! Any guesses?? #ciao #nextadventure #germanlife

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