Tuesday, March 31, 2015

A first time pond hopper, a joint bithday and London...whew!

So we had our first legit visitor hop the pond and come visit us and i have to say, I was super stoked to have my sister her! I was honestly more emotional about it than I thought I'd be! It was just so nice to see a familiar face and to have my twin here!! She made it over with no issues (yay!) and that started our Eurotrip (for a lack of better terms) for 12 days! We had a lot of ground to cover it a little bit of time so we hit the ground running!
Here's our agenda (in essence...)
Intro her to the post and friends (hosted a party at the house which was a total blast! So great to have everyone over and enjoy intro'ing Jen to our friends.)
London-for the weekend and to celebrate our birthday!
Nuremberg-day trip
Dachau-tied in with trip to Munich
Kreuzberg-had to see the monks and get some great beer!
Lermoos-our ski trip in Austria, lots of new experiences here! (LOL)
Ansbach-walked through the main square and shopped a bit!
...and ship her home!

We had a blast in London-we really got to see pretty much everything we wanted to see in one day (Sunday) We even made it to church at St. Mark's. B-e-a-u-tiful church! We used the Hop-on-Hop-off bus with multiple lines to take advantage of which was awesome. I mean, you could really see almost everything! And it was affordable.

My nephew has a school project that has been going on for awhile with Sarsaparilla the Armadillo and fortunately enough for this little Armadilla', we got to come with Jen and I to London! He made many a guest spot on pictures with us, the best has to be the group of super heroes we ran into right outside of Buckingham Palace--so damn funny! I was able to get the last group photo with these guys and it's amazing! My nephew is gonna freak OUT!

We also had the lovely (kick ass) addition of the selfie stick, which honestly, was EVERYWHERE! Makes it so much easier to photo bomb people too! (We fell victim to it as well....what can ya do!?)

The nightlife, was a bit lacking in my opinion. I'm not sure if we were just not in a good part of London for that or if the people there just stick to who they know and don't venture out to meet new people. Saturday night we found a great Irish pub called O'Neill's and it was super hoppin' with live music but that ended early! And the guys that we shared a table with were super non-chatty. But we had our own fun! We also found a great spot in the Covent Garden area of London. Love that area! It had a few more options that were lively and lots of nice people.

The last day in London we didn't have a whole lot of time to spend because we had to make the train back to Stansted Airport. Which surprisingly enough, we did AWESOME with our transportation! No hiccups and were able to the the "tube" easily! So far in all my travels over here, transportation has been amazing! Cheap and easy to use, and even if you ask for help-everyone is great!

After London, we hit up bunch of more local (aka, drive able) spots around Germany and Austria. One of the best and surprising things was that Jen (my sister) loved the beer! She normally is not a beer drinker but we got her! She loves it! And now she fully understands how real the struggle is over here with all the food and amazing beer! Not complaining too much but it was fun to have her try all these new and great things over here!

We also got to go on an Outdoor Rec trip thru the post to Lermoos, Austria. Such a beautiful area and great skiing/snowboarding there! It was Jen's first time skiing since High School and to say she was excited to get out there and see it for herself was an understatement! It was a perfect day to crush some POW POW and we definitely go to do that! We took the gondola up to the top and took some great pics and then got to watch the hubs 'board all the way down the run from our gondola, which was cool. I was totally not skiing down that top run, it was ridic! So high five to him, he did a great job but we were MORE than cool with watching him from our gondola! We met him at the middle and skied down with him to the base. It was a great day!

Overall, it was an awesome trip! We had a total blast and didn't end up killing each other which we're known to do from time to time. Full disclosure, I had one day where I took my own time out-it was needed! Hosting is exhausting!! I kid, because I it was so much fun to have my sister here and I can't wait to host more family and friends here! I thank Jen for being my first visitor and guinea pig! I was experiencing some of these things for the first time too, luckily it all went so well!

Well...our next adventure is Amsterdam and Brussels for Easter! Can't wait, the tulips should be blooming and we're looking forward to getting in on some Belgium beer and chocolate! The weather is starting to warm up and the skies have been more blue than grey-always a good combo! Oh! And, immediately after our Easter trip, I fly home to Wisconsin for my first visit back to the States since we left! Can't wait to be a part of two our great friends' wedding on the 11th (Luke and Sadie!) as well as see everyone.  I can't wait to eat some great food (Ward's, Screaming Tuna, Oakland Gyro's and Barker's!) and just spend time with family and friends. I'm curious to see how I'll feel when I leave to come back to Germany....regardless, there's SO much going on in the next few weeks! Can't wait! Til next blog....ciao!

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