Monday, December 22, 2014

The week before Christmas and I have no clue what I'm doing...

As the title states, it's the week of Christmas and it's been a crazy month! We had the Change of Command ceremony last week  (at least that's official and done!) and we tried to shop (that was totally brutal, sorry family and friends, I dropped the ball on that this year!) But! The new place is all unpacked and we've returned the household goods we had to borrow while we waited for our own stuff to arrive. Whew.

So do I start from the beginning or just go?? I think I'll just go! We have 3 days til Christmas, which is cool. Well, it's really bittersweet because it's our first time together as a married couple but we're both away form home, literally out of country. So it kinda sucks. I LOVE getting the email that says we have packages that have arrived!! It's like Christmas everyday that happens, no matter what month it is! Can't tell you enough what a fun and great feeling it is to get cool packages from home. Which leads me to a post topic--what to send and what NOT to send to your friends in a care package from the USA. **SPOILER ALERT--I'm going to sound like an a$$hole in about 2.2.

Holy lord, we've gotten some doozies. Most are great....but some, you wanna look at the person and be like "really?" I mean just because you're kid doesn't like that kind of left over Halloween candy does NOT mean you should send it to us. For real. I don't have the time to run that off at the post gym nor do I want to deal with the heavy box of candy that no one wants (not even single soldiers) and then have to deal with the German recycling garbages! Also, random movies. It follows the rules above. All I'm saying is, think about who you're sending this to first. ASK them if there is something that they miss or at the very least, you should know who you're sending this to right?! It's your family member or friend---would they REALLY want that? Something to think about. However, we have gotten some great ones so far that are awesome reminders from home (Cheese curds, sausage and sweet cards.)

Another thing, the mail system is horrendous for us. It literally takes at minimum 2 extra weeks on top of the regular week, to get to us. It's totally something I have not yet adjusted to. I mean, it's only been two weeks, I got some time yet. But my Christmas photos (first one I get to send out!) is already going on week 3 to get to me. So my apologies, you're gonna get them SUPER late! LOL

Trying to send out a UPS package is another trip. I walked all through our local downtown square looking for it for like a half and hour, and there it was in a T-Mobile store (no signage, thank you very much.) So it's a pain,  and we're going to try to avoid those options as much as possible.

Lastly, I do want to thank the companies that DO send out to APO addresses!! YAY YOU! Thank you for making my life so much more fun! Never even considered that to be an issue before I hopped the pond! When shopping online, finding companies that do ship to us became the newest hurdle to get over. But a little research will get you a long ways! (Thank you to the following companies so far: Macy's, Bed, Bath & Beyond, AmazonPrime, & Express!) There are others that will not send and it bums me out so we won't go there.

With that, I'm gonna peace out for now. I promise these posts won't always be a vent session! #happyholidays #merrychristmas #happyhanukkah #merryfestivus

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